January Professional Staff Inservice

Professional Staff Inservice

January 21, 2019

Location: Perry Lecompton School District

General Information



Job Alike Room Assignments

January 21st Agenda for Keystone Certified Staff:

Meeting Location: Theater

8:15 AM    Buses begin arriving at P/L

  • Register with Amy Conklin

8:45 AM    Keynote Session – Gerry Brooks

10:00 AM  Break

10:20 AM  Job/grade level alike collaboration

11:30 AM   LUNCH – in PLMS gym

12:15-12:30 Len Lehmann, KPERS 457 Plan option coming this year

12:30-12:55 Khrystyan Masters, Nathanael Norman WebKIDSS/IEP Update

  1. New Students with an IEP – review steps for addressing new special education students coming into Keystone buildings.  Meet within 30 days to adopt old IEP or develop new IEP, Meeting Notice and staffing summary required. IEP info put into WebKIDSS, notification to both parents
  2. Communication w/families – at least quarterly, some students need daily
  3. IEP’s in Draft Mode
  4. ESY
  5. IEP Team Meeting Requests – Keystone Practices/Procedures

12:55-1:15 Mary Livingston, Andy Ewing Transition

  1. Transition – review the transition google document
  2. Targeted Case Management
  3. Work Study

1:15-1:25 Break

1:25-1:45 Dyslexia Andy Ewing

  1. Dyslexia – see Dr. Fletcher’s ppt
  2. Dyslexia Task Force Recommendations

1:45-2:00  ESI Nathanael Norman

  1. ESI – Changes to existing regulation
  2. CPI Training Update – what to expect after an incident
  3. Mandatory Reporting
  4. Jason Flatt Act

2:00-2:30 Director’s Update

  1. Intelligent LIves Screening at KU: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7qEJFpMWNk&list=PL7sm83YkH15pAqzgtds8qGkUY7TccYf3S&index=2&t=64s
  2. Least Dangerous Assumption: https://vimeo.com/18545415
  3. DL/Ins
  4. Medicaid
  5. DLM
  6. Medicaid State Aid Window: No IEP’s, need to facilitate services between Medicaid eligible students and related service providers. Medicaid parent notes need to go to Brandi.

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