JDLA Information-Back to School!

Beginning of School Year Letter from Principal Coughlin

JDLA PARENTS, Aug. 11, 2020

I hope this letter finds you all safe and well.  This is a rather lengthy letter compared to those of the past but this year, more than ever, needs to be one of constant communication. I am asking that you read it carefully so that we can all be as prepared for the 2020-2021 school year as possible. 

School at JDLA starts Aug. 26th and your JDLA staff are working hard to prepare for what will be an interesting year.  At this point, In School Learning or REMOTE Learning is available to all students as we discussed by phone.  Please let us know if for any reason you have changed your plans for the fall.  We do not want COVID to shut our school down and on site learning is our goal.  We want to see our kids!   However, know that we will be preparing your student for REMOTE Learning to occur at any time.   I will get specific information out to you in the near future about what happens if JDLA goes totally REMOTE.  

It is important to note that distance learning, either by choice or due to on site closure, will not look like it did this past Spring. The Kansas State Board of Education has given clear expectations for REMOTE Learning.   This information is available to you in detail through your home district. As soon as school begins, JDLA will be preparing students for the possibility that we will return to Remote Learning. We will be teaching your student how to use the Moby Max online program effectively.  This program will be invaluable if the school returns to REMOTE Learning.  Our goal is that all students will be able to use this technology seamlessly to complete their classwork, and show progress academically to earn credit.  JDLA will follow the standards set forth by the Department of Education. So it is important that we be prepared.


The JDLA school day will look a great deal different than in the past. Safety is our number one priority.  Please have your student prepared to wear a mask.   Masks will be provided for your student or they may bring them from home.  Our goal is to keep COVID out of our school.  Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly (D) signed Executive Order No. 20-52 mandating all students, teachers, faculty and visitors to public or private K-12 school buildings or facilities wear face coverings.  Our plan is to be outside as much as possible.  Outside time will allow for your student to remove their mask and distance themselves from others.  Our goal is to remain open, so please help us by seeing that your student wears a mask.


Our daily schedule will restrict movement in the building.  Students will remain with their school district peers for the entirety of their day. The teacher to whom they have been assigned will meet them at their bus and do a wellness check that will include taking and recording each person’s temperature.  

*****(JDLA has purchased a face scanner that will do hands free temperature checks for all students and staff.  Every person in the building will be checked daily. If your child’s temperature exceeds 100.4 and/or your child has signs of an illness, your child will need to be picked up from school immediately.  Students will be isolated from all students and staff until they are picked up. Please keep sick children home.  Call and let us know your child is not well.  The more information we have the safer we can keep the school.)

Students who do not have a temperature or any other signs of illness will go to the classroom with their assigned teacher.  Students will NOT travel from classroom to classroom.  

Your child will have breakfast and lunch in the classroom.  Outside time will be coordinated with the office.  Our goal is to allow for as much outside learning as possible.  

In the classroom, each student will have to follow the 6-ft space rule.  Your child will be given a space that only they will use during the school day.  Each student will have a storage box that will allow for them to keep all their personal belongings and school supplies together.  Each student will be expected to wipe their area down multiple times a day.  Handwashing will be done as directed by the state.

All items brought from home will be kept in the students individual boxes.  NOTHING can be shared.

Students will be allowed to bring items from home that help them to get through the school day. Limited toys, games and fidgets (quiet ones) will be allowed.  JDLA will do all it can to help students be successful in this new situation.  If an item becomes too distracting, or a problem, JDLA will call the parent and send that item home.

Parents please talk to your student about following all bus rules.  Districts will be strictly enforcing bus rules. 


The current information I have of school districts starting are as follows: JDLA starts Aug. 26th.

Individual districts start date:

Valley Falls 338 – Aug. 26th

JCN 339 – Aug. 25th

Jeff West   340 – Aug. 27th

Oskaloosa  341 – Aug  26th

Perry 343 – Aug. 19th

ACCHS 377 – Aug. 20th

Pleasant Ridge 449 – Sep. 8th

JDLA August 26th


Students will NO longer be able to share supplies so our need for supplies has gone up dramatically.  I am sending home a list of supplies that your child will need for in person learning.  IF, and only IF you can buy supplies, please send your child to school with what you can. If purchasing supplies is not possible at this time, NO WORRIES; JDLA will supply every student what they need. NO student will go without supplies. 

We will have a storage area for your students supplies that only your student can use.

Your students’ supplies will stay with them.  AGAIN: there will be NO sharing of supplies. This will be strictly enforced.  

HEADPHONES are the one supply that we are asking all parents to have for their student.

JDLA has supplied headphones in the past but students seem to struggle with taking care of them.  We have gone through 200 pairs in the last 3 years.  My hope is your child will take care of their personal belongings better.  PLEASE, make sure all headphones have students’ names on them.  The headphones must remain at school with the student supplies.  Please  NO expensive headphones. Headphones can be over the ear or ear buds.  Your student is allowed to bring in more than one set of headphones.  However, one pair must remain at school.   I would suggest over the ear headphones because they are better at blocking any excess noise and they are easier to mark and identify.  

Again, if purchasing headphones is not possible at this time, NO WORRIES; JDLA will supply every student what they need.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you on Aug.26th.

It’s great to be at JDLA

Mrs. Coughlin


This supply list covers all grades.  Please get the supplies that will meet your child’s needs.

Example: Elementary will need crayons and scissors, High schoolers will not.

Do what you can to access supplies.  Please do not hesitate to call the school if your family needs JDLA to get your child’s supplies. 

HEADPHONES – for all students

Water bottle / Cup 

Colored markers


Expo Markers – fine tip (students will use individual white boards, JDLA will supply boards.) 

Journals – Writing Journals with lines. (Academic Time must be kept)

Spiral notebooks (3 single subject)



Pencils (mechanical if possible, cheap ones) 



Scissors – no tip, safety scissors

Tissues – for your child’s use only.  Will be in their supply box.


Clorox Wipes

Individual hand sanitizer

  • White T-shirt  –  We will be making tie dye shirts; please wash new ones before sending.
  • T-shirts need to be a little big so it can go over their clothes when needed. 

JDLA Contact Information

500 E. Sunflower Blvd., Ozawkie, KS 66070

Email: jdlasecretary@keystonelearning.org

(785) 876-2357 JDLA Direct Line; (785) 876-2214 Keystone Office