May 2019 Keystone Newsletter

From the Director’s Desk………..

This year 58 students with a wide range of disabling conditions have earned their high school diploma in the schools served by Keystone.  This is truly an event worth celebrating! Consider that each graduate with a disability has completed a journey that took them through more than 14,000 hours of school activities.  I hope you will take time to recognize and celebrate this awesome accomplishment with all of the graduates who have come across your path, and through your classrooms.

It takes a team to make such a great accomplishment happen so don’t forget to celebrate with all of the professional staff members, related service providers, and para-educators who helped along the way.   As for me, I just want to express my gratitude for all that you do for every one of our handicapped students. Way to go!

Thanks for all you do.  Andy

Source: May 2019 Newsletter – Google Docs