Weekly Update 8/17

Hi everyone, welcome back to school!  It is great to see students back in school and to feel the excitement as we embark on a new journey.  I hope this school year is one of your greatest!   

Teachers, at the latest board of directors meeting the board approved the updates to the agreement and new salary schedule.  Please take time to review the agreement – it’s posted on the Keystone website.  Office staff are working to get contracts updated and out to you as quickly as possible.  If you haven’t seen your contract by Sept. 1st, please call Shiloh at the office number.  You’ll also want to log in to the pdp toolbox to keep your professional development account updated.  
Para-educators, the board of directors approved a raise of .65 cents/hour for all of our para-educators.  The starting wage for para-educators will move to $10.25/hr effective immediately.  Contracts will be coming soon, please contact Shiloh at the office if you haven’t received your contract by Sept. 1.  
For all staff, I want to connect you to our Keystone Facebook page, and our Keystone Twitter page and ask you to follow us to stay connected with the resources we send out through social media.  Staying in touch with the Keystone website and checking your email inbox frequently are great practices to begin early in the year too.  
Here’s what’s coming up at Keystone:
Tuesday: August 21-School Psychs/Social Workers Meeting 8:30-11:30
Friday: August 24-Early Childhood Staff Meeting 2:00-4:00
Have a great year and thanks for all you do,  Andy

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