Weekly Update 8/24

Hi everyone, hope you’re ending your first great week of the year and are getting settled in for an exciting year.  I’m excited to hear about the number of students with handicaps who are participating in fall sports.  Hopefully, you’ll be able to see one of the football scrimmages going on tonight before the start of the season next week.

For our professional staff:  please make sure that you are registered in KEEP2 if you are in this year’s evaluation cycle.  For new staff members you will need to register and complete your self-assessment to start the 1st cycle.  Contact Mr. Norman with any questions.
For staff administering the DLM: Watch for upcoming training webinars.  Go to this link to register.  https://ksdetasn.org/events/fNcFWw  Contact Mr. Norman, Mrs. Livingston with questions.
For Itinerant staff members:  Security becomes more of a priority each year.  We want to be proactive about our security practices and want to make sure that all itinerant staff members have an id badge with a photo.  Please contact Jenny at the Keystone office to arrange to come in and get a photo id badge if you are in need of a new or replacement badge.
For our SLP team:  We anticipate that para-educators working under the supervision of a licensed SLP will be able to bill medicaid for services provided in the future.  Watch for updates related to when the system will be able to process these services and how they should be documented.  Medicaid continues to be a major focus and your efforts to keep us moving forward are greatly appreciated. 
What’s coming up on the Keystone calendar?
August 29-Autism Team Meeting 2-4
August 31-CPI Renewal Training 8-12
Have a great week and thanks for all you do!  Andy

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