BCBA Services

What is a BCBA?

BCBA stands for Board Certified Behavior Analyst. A BCBA has studied Applied Behavior Analysis at the graduate level and has a rigorous national certification. Her expertise lies in studying the behavior of individuals and helping those individuals and their teams change this behavior to more closely reflect the social norms of their environment.

What can a BCBA offer a public school?

Educators often say they see an increase in disruptive behavior in the schools and they feel inadequately trained to manage these disruptions. A BCBA can analyze the needs of individual students in the classroom and work with educators to develop a research-based plan of intervention. She will take into account and incorporate the knowledge base the educators in the building already possess. She can help design a data collection system that will enable the school to communicate concrete behavioral progress to the team and families. She can also provide behavioral training to staff for future concerns.

Specific services offered

  • Help coach and/or write FBAs and BIPs for individual students
  • Follow through on coaching teams on BIP implementation and data collection
  • Staff training on behaviorism, data collection, training on Para-professional fidelity of implementation, specific research-based behavior interventions, specific research-based autism strategies
  • Staff coaching and follow up for teams setting up a new functional/ applied classroom
  • Parent training on a behavioral approach at home
  • Supervision hours for aspiring BCBAs
  • Direct supervision and training of Registered Behavior Technicians.

Molly Noon, BCBA, CCC-SLP

Molly Noon is both a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and an ASHA certified Speech Language Pathologist. Her dual certification gives her the title of “unicorn” among Applied Behavior Analysis professionals. Molly has 18 years of experience in the public school setting. Her career path has given her the ability to speak the language of educators, families, SLPs, and BCBAs and she can function as an interpreter between these groups of people. She has particular experience in applying current research-based behavioral strategies in the classroom with the collaboration of on-site educational professionals. Molly has given numerous trainings to educators, administrators, and parents.

For information on contracting with Keystone Learning Services for BCBA services, please contact:

Dr. Tim Marshall at 785-876-2214 or email: tmarshall@keystonelearning.org