Operations and Facilities

Operations and Facilities Professional Services

Energy Audits…Asbestos Re-Inspections and Surveillance…Attendance Center Tornado Assessments…Custodial-Maintenance Building Reviews…Support Buildings…Classroom and Restroom Upgrades…Specifications for Sports Lighting…Parking Lot and Concrete Projects…Custodial-Maintenance Training….

Energy Audits

  • What can be done to save dollars?

Asbestos Re-Inspections and Surveillance

  • Over 30 years experience in asbestos management and inspection
  • Experience in over 12 Kansas school districts

Attendance Center Tornado Assessments

  • Using KSDE approved Tornado Assessments
  • Comprehensive report and recommendations for each building

Custodial-Maintenance Building Reviews

  • How does your building and staff stack up?
  • What long-term and short-term needs should be addressed?
  • Facility & building life span reviews

Custodial-Maintenance Training

Asbestos Awareness

Worker Right to Know Requirements

Blood Borne Pathogens

Back Safety for School Employees

MRSA Awareness

School Fire Safety

Maintenance Lock-Out /Tag-Out Procedures

Fork Lift Training

Hazardous Spills

Lead Training

Annual Training Requirements for the State of Kansas, including Anti-Bullying, Sexual Harassment & Suicide Prevention


Building Plans and Specifications Designed by David Griffin, Registered Architect and KU Professor Emeritus

     Support Buildings

  • Locker Rooms and Weight Training Facilities
  • All Types of Maintenance Structures
  • Concession and Storage Facilities
  • Building Remodels and Additions

     Classroom and Restroom Upgrades

  • ADA Checks

     Specifications for Sports Needs & Lighting

  • Tennis Courts
  • Football Fields
  • Soccer Fields
  • Baseball & Softball Fields

Paul Crawford, Director

785-409-9829 –Paul’s Cell

785-876-2214 – Office

785-876-2383 – Fax

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