Operations and Facilities

Operations and Facilities Professional Services

Energy Audits…Asbestos Re-Inspections and Surveillance…Attendance Center Tornado Assessments…Custodial-Maintenance Building Reviews…Support Buildings…Classroom and Restroom Upgrades…Specifications for Sports Lighting…Parking Lot and Concrete Projects…Custodial-Maintenance Training….

Energy Audits

  • What can be done to save dollars?

Asbestos Re-Inspections and Surveillance

  • Over 30 years experience in asbestos management and inspection
  • Experience in over 12 Kansas school districts

Attendance Center Tornado Assessments

  • Using KSDE approved Tornado Assessments
  • Comprehensive report and recommendations for each building

Custodial-Maintenance Building Reviews

  • How does your building and staff stack up?
  • What long-term and short-term needs should be addressed?
  • Facility & building life span reviews

Custodial-Maintenance Training

Asbestos Awareness

Worker Right to Know

Blood Borne Pathogens

Back Safety for School Employees

MRSA Awareness

School Fire Safety

Maintenance Lock-Out /Tag-Out

Fork Lift Training

Hazardous Spills

Lead Training

Annual Training Requirements for the State of Kansas


Building Plans and Specifications Designed by David Griffin, Registered Architect and KU Professor Emeritus

     Support Buildings

  • Locker Rooms and Weight Training Facilities
  • All Types of Maintenance Structures
  • Concession and Storage Facilities
  • Building Remodels and Additions

     Classroom and Restroom Upgrades

  • ADA Checks

     Specifications for Sports Needs & Lighting

  • Tennis Courts
  • Football Fields
  • Soccer Fields
  • Baseball & Softball Fields

Paul Crawford, Director

785-409-9829 –Paul’s Cell

785-876-2214 – Office

785-876-2383 – Fax

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