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TASN / Autism and Tertiary Behavior Supports offers a selection of shared, free classroom materials. Click here to view, download and submit items.
Some topics included are Communication, Vocational, Literacy and Visual Supports.

Community Notice - Free Women's Clothing Giveaway

The Great Garment Giveaway - December 6th - Living Water Evangelical Free Church, 13960 K92 Hwy, Oskaloosa, Kansas 66066 785-863-9260 for more information. Free new & name brand clothing, limit per person. Download flyer.

Count Your Kid In - Free Screening

Keystone Learning Services invites you to bring your child to a FREE screening clinic for infants, toddlers and preschoolers, 0-5 years of age. The clinic will be held Friday, December 12, 2014 at Valley Falls Christian Church, 511 Oak Street, Valley Falls, Kansas. The purpose of the screening is to see how your child is developing. If you have questions concerning your child's mobility, vision, hearing, communication, behavior, or learning progress the screening clinic will provide help. Trained professionals in the areas of speech and language development, concept development, social skills, vision and hearing will screen your child.

You may contact the Keystone Learning Services at 785-876-2214 ext. 201 to schedule an appointment. Keystone Learning Services and the Jefferson County Health Department sponsor this screening.


Update - Thank you Community and WIBW TV for your support! The funding goal has been reached!

John Dewey Learning Academy
is the alternative program that serves 8 school districts in the northeast Kansas area. For the last ten years we have had a special service dog named Mushu. He lives with our principal, Terri Coughlin, and comes to work everyday to serve our students in need. Mushu has spent the last ten years providing comfort, affection, calming therapy and reading therapy to our elementary through high school boys and girls. As he is getting on in age, we have been contacted about purchasing a new service dog to work alongside Mushu until it is time for him to retire in order to make a smooth transition for our students. 

The cost of a new service dog has risen over the years and we are unable to purchase a new dog with our current funds. We are asking for donations in order to cover the cost, and all donations that exceed our goal will go to care for both dogs' needs and medical expenses.
Thank you so much for you time, and consideration and in advance, for your generosity!
Show your support, DONATE here:

Published Article co-authored by Dr. Linda Aldridge

The Journal of Adolescent and Family Health is publishing an article titled "Exploring And Utilizing The Concept Of Setting Conditions In The Functional Assessment Process". Download the entire article here.
The article explores "common practices surrounding referrals for special education, including functional behavioral assessment, often do not require thorough assessment of school, home or community experiences from the perspective of the child. Put another way, it is not uncommon for students to be considered to have a disability and be in need of special education when their inappropriate behaviors and failure to learn can be directly attributed to conditions found within the school, community, and/or home. In fact, when "inappropriate behaviors" are analyzed from the child's perspective, those behaviors can sometimes be seen as quite reasonable responses to unreasonable conditions".

JDLA participates in Box Tops for Education Program

John Dewey Learning Academy participates in the Box Tops for Education program.
Please save Box Tops off items you purchase and send to Lu Newman at JDLA Office.
JDLA receives $0.10 for each Box Top!
See a complete listing of products at:

Infinitc Award

We have some great speakers in November such as JOANNE CAFIERO (AAC & communication partners), LUIS PEREZ (iPad accessibility), MARK COPPIN (iPads for students with ASD), and DENISE DeCOSTE (writing productivity profile). Download complete listing. Certificates of completion will be provided.   
Even more archived webinars on the website from last semester. Go to the 'Online Classroom' section, then click on the drop down box to 'Archived Webinars'.

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