Extended School Year 2021

Prior to considering Extended School Year, please seek approval from District Administration as it relates to COVID – 19 restrictions. Once you have approval on how to proceed regarding these restrictions, please complete the following.

  • Review your caseload list for those students you may consider for ESY. 
    • Contact all of the providers for their input on providing ESY services for the students you have identified.
  • For each student identified, please complete the Extended School Year 2021 – Student form.
    • For ESY Speech and Language Services please include Deni Faimon
  • Hold an IEP Amendment with Parents and Principal to review the proposal of ESY Services.
  • Amend the IEP to reflect the update for ESY Services
    • Service Lines need to be added to the Educational Placement page.
    • Service Lines also need to be added to the Anticipated Services Chart.
      • The setting code for ESY is “S”
  • The parent or guardian will need to be provided a Prior Written Notice to give consent to the ESY services. The Prior Written Notice will need to be signed by the parent or guardian.
  • Send the completed Amendment and PWN to K. Masters
  • Once all of the Eligibility and Services have been determined for the students on your caseload, please complete Extended School Year 2021 – HR.
    • Please complete the form completely. 
    • List your total number of hours to be worked for the ESY term.
    • Also, please include the paraprofessionals that you will supervise during the summer on this form as well.

All students forms must be included for students that will receive ESY for 2021. Please send all of the forms in one packet to Keystone Learning Services office.

Required forms to be sent in:

Extended School Year 2021 – Student Eligibility