Emergency Safety Interventions

Keystone Policy – Emergency Safety Interventions

The board of education is committed to limiting the use of Emergency Safety Interventions (“ESI”), such as seclusion and restraint, with all students. Seclusion and restraint shall be used only when a student’s conduct necessitates the use of an emergency safety intervention as defined below. The board of education encourages all employees to utilize other behavioral management tools, including prevention techniques, de-escalation techniques, and positive behavioral intervention strategies. Download ESI law

A Family Guide to the Use of Emergency Safety Interventions (Seclusion and Restraint) in Kansas

What are Emergency Safety Interventions?
Emergency Safety Interventions (ESI) are seclusion and restraint that are used when the student presents a reasonable and immediate danger to self or others. Download ESI Family Guide

Standards for the Use of Emergency Safety Intervention ESI

ESI law sets forth standards for the use of restraint and seclusion to ensure that all Kansas students and staff have a safe learning environment. This document contains the standards found in the ESI statutes and regulations that are required to be followed in all Kansas public school districts and accredited private schools.  Download standards.

ESI Notification Letter

Keystone Info For Parents after ESI

De-escalation Modules