Kansas Education Technology Consortium (KETC) WebKIDSS


WebKIDSS Form Creation and Data Management

KETC is a data management system developed by Kansas Educators for Kansas Educators. The program allows the user to produce an IEP, generate the state MIS and other reports including information for program evaluation. Users are able to access their caseload from any online computer. Easy export of data to Kan-Service.
The program is updated annually based on users’ feedback, state requirement and feedback from the Development Group. Web hosting services are available from Keystone contact Daniel Hinrichsen daniel@keystonelearning.org. WebKIDSS website: http://www.webkidss.org/

Join the WebKIDSS Consortium

WebKIDSS is an endeavor of the Kansas Educational Technology Consortium. Membership in this group entitles you to use the Kansas Individualized Data System for Students (WebKIDSS). The membership fee is based on number of special education students served. This fee is established by the Consortium Members at their annual spring meeting. Agencies are provided with materials for WebKIDSS, System Administrator training, and technical support. The annual fee also allows for continued development of the WebKIDSS program. The current rates range from $2,173 for the smallest agencies to $11,539 for the largest agencies. Agencies also need to purchase copies of 4D (approximate cost is $1,000).

Contact :

Brian Simpson

WebKIDSS Director