December 2019 Newsletter

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The Kansas Legislative Research Division recently announced that there will be 32.9 million dollars available in the education budget this year, followed by 32.6 million next year.  See the KLRD memo here and KASB’s report here.

That news makes KSBE’s July funding recommendation for special education seem fortuitous (see page 6 in the July minutes).  This year the board did not recommend any additional funding for special education, instead providing a written statement laying out their request that any additional funding available be used to move funding for special education closer to the 92% requirement in statute.   

The legislature is sure to look at the available funds closely, and given the number of agencies asking for increased funding, some may find it tempting to continue to overlook special needs children.  Watch for the governor’s budget recommendation in January to see the funding priorities it establishes for the years ahead. I’ll keep you updated as the process unfolds. In the meantime, it’s a good time to connect with local legislators to let them know your thoughts.  

Thanks for all you do.