February 2020 Newsletter

From the Director’s Desk…

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Special Education providers serve more students than you might think.  Here’s a look at the numbers by disability category:  

Each year the numbers grow:

 ·      Nearly one in six students receive special ed services.

 ·      Since 2001, special ed enrollment up 20%, four times total enrollment.

 ·      Since 1998, the number of special education teacher positions up 25%, paraprofessional positions up 93%

 ·      Three-to-five-year-old’s receiving special education up 52.3 percent since 2001 

 ·      Biggest challenges are growing numbers of students with aggressive behaviors, who can’t regulate themselves, can’t interact with other students and may be dangerous to themselves and others and destroy school property; and those lacking in speech and language skills.

Source: KASB Increasing student needs drive special education costs and staff shortage

Another point to consider, special needs students in Kansas have one of the highest graduation rates in the nation.  That only happens because of great providers who give their all. Thanks for all you do! Andy