HB 2534

February 4, 2016
In the January Keystone Special Edition I took time to elaborate on the inconsistencies in the new school funding statute. The curious part of me will take me to weird places sometimes. Places that many people find to be boring but somehow I’m drawn to. Staying informed related to all things that make up special education is a particular passion and my curiosity serves me well. I mention this because I noticed another inconsistency in another bill currently before the legislature. HB 2534 is a bill relating to the restraint and seclusion of students commonly known as ESI. The bill amends K.S.A. 72-89d02 through 72-89d08 with many changes recommended by the task force that the original bill created. Some of the changes introduced don’t match up with the task force recommendations or the intent of the original bill however.

Section 6 of HB 2534 contains the sunset clause. The law and all of its components was set to expire or sunset on June 30, 2018. The new bill to amend reads so that only the task force effort outlined in the original text will actually sunset. This is appropriate as the task force has done its work and made its recommendations. What is unexplained is why all of the other sections of the statute weren’t allowed to sunset as intended and recommended?

The argument that we need the statute was debunked when the data was made clear. During the period that regulations were in effect only one family chose to take exception to the actions of their local school and engage the local board of education. The case was later resolved amicably without board action.

I’ll keep an eye on HB 2534 and update you later in the legislative session. Click here to read the bill.