January 2018 School Board Recognition Month!

The job of a school board member is tough, the hours are long and the thanks are few and far between.

It is all too easy to put off saying “thank you” to this group of individuals who work tirelessly on behalf of our children and grandchildren.


They spend countless hours preparing to make decisions, participating in meetings and attending school activities and events. The locally elected school boarded is deeply rooted in U.S. tradition, as is public education. Our state has a proud tradition of support for public education, and in fact in 1966 the people of Kansas amended our state’s constitution to specifically call for local public schools that are ‘maintained, developed and operated by locally elected boards.’


January 2018 is designated as “School Board Recognition Month,” and we encourage you take the time to express appreciation to these eight remarkable individuals.

USD 338 Sharon Sweeney

USD 339 Ron Langston

USD 340 Scott Gibson

USD 341 Megan Milner

USD 342 Dean Wolfe

USD 343 Ramon Gonzalez

USD 377 Barb Chapman

USD 449 Rita Oatney