January Newsletter

From the Director’s Desk…

The 2018 legislative session is now well underway. School finance will take up an amount of this legislature’s time and efforts. There is good reason to hope that schools will have greater resources available to meet their needs. This is true of special education as well. Recent discussions have included a proposal to increase special education funding by 15 million dollars, an additional 3 million from the current plan that increases funding by 12 million per year for 5 years. Next year will be year 2. Fifteen million is certainly not enough to reach the statutorily required 92% of excess cost but it is reason to be hopeful.

General Gordon R. Sullivan, an American 4-star general, served as the Chief of Staff of the United States Army, and as a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. General Sullivan wrote a book titled Hope is not a Method near the end of his career. In his book General Sullivan describes the changes needed in the military to move from a WWII driven army to a modern army with the ability to meet the challenges of the post cold war era. General Sullivan believed that if you want to see that something is accomplished, hope by itself isn’t a good strategy.

General Sullivan’s story has implications for us. As we advocate for special needs children, hope alone isn’t a good strategy. Take time to connect with legislators this year and let them know that special needs children count.

Thank you for being champions for special needs children.




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